Make Fitness Simple.

He who fails to plan his training, plans not to train at all.

With Fittrack, gym operators support their members in achieving their fitness goals. Fully automatic workout tracking enables a detailed overview of training progress and provides the operator with valuable data for studio optimisation.

With this data, coaches can improve their support and respond individually to members. Through Sensor technology, App and Trainer Tool we make training easier.

For everyone.



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Fittrack is an open system integrating management softwares, smart machines and clouds. We want to guarantee the studio operator, trainers and trainers maximum flexibility and simple processes. That is why we are constantly expanding our partner network. If you have questions about existing or possible integrations, please contact us now.

Fittrack Products

Fittrack Sensor

The Fittrack sensor can easily be retrofitted to any device and is compatible with all common RFID technologies. It transmits data such as weight, repetitions and range of motion for selectorized equipment and time, distance and calories for cardiovascular equipment.



  • Retrofitable
  • RFID compatible
  • Requires no cables
  • Independant of manufacturer

Fittrack App

The Fittrack app receives all training data from the Fittrack sensors and details them in your training plan.

How many kg was it again last week?

Which exercise is up next?

And how many units do I have to complete until my plan is over?

These questions and more are answered in the app. In addition, there are exercise videos, statistics on your training progress and challenges.


  • Automatic training documentation
  • Fitness Cockpit
  • Individualised workout routines
  • Detailed exercise videos
  • In-depth progress analysis
  • Challenges

Fittrack Trainer Tool

A simple and efficient tool especially for trainers. You can complete anamnesis, write plans, assign them and see if they are fulfilled. Simplify your Trainers day-to-day work with ease.


  • Anamnesis
  • Create and assign workout routines
  • Details of member progress
  • Member Overview
  • For Tablet and PC


Then contact us today for a detailed presentation of the Fittrack System.

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The implementation of the Fittrack system requires minimal effort.

All we need is an up-to-date device list and access to the Internet – that’s it. During our Introduction Training-Day we prepare everything to allow a smooth start into the digitised training area.

No. The retrofittable Fittrack sensor system runs on battery and therefore does not change the existing infrastructure. Even better – the batteries only need to be replaced once a year.

The Fittrack sensors collect all relevant training data in real time. These include repetitions, weights, range of motion and loading times. Thus, the athlete always has a detailed overview of his training progress