Automated support before, during and after training

Fully automatic workout tracking

Pen and paper? With Fittrack this belongs to the past. The Fittrack training app not only takes care of you during training, it automatically documents all relevant training data. It shows you exactly what you did during your last workout.


The ideal workout routine

Choose a plan that suits you: either you opt for an existing workout routine from the gym catalogue or your on-the-spot coaching team will work with you to create an individualized plan. You and your trainer can work together to track your progress. The time for excuses is over.

Success is no coincidence, simply the choice of the right documentation

Finally, insight into your training progress. Fittrack provides detailed statistics on your fitness training as well as your muscle dysbalance. So you can see exactly when you are on the right track.

Trainingsapp shows body stats view


Participate in challenges of your gym and measure your fitness level with your friends and other athletes. Whether on the treadmill or the chest press, everyone finds his challenge discipline

Your members are unique, what about your gyms?

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